Italian symphonic metallers Eternal Idol are set to return with a follow-up to their well received debut album, “The Unrevealed Secret”. Band masterminds Nick Savio (guitar) and Fabio Lione (vocals) are joined by returning member Andrea Buratto (bass) and new additions Claudia Layline (vocals) and Enrico Fabris (drum). “The new album, “Renaissance” has all the elements we strive to incorporate to keep our heavy, dark, symphonic, classic rock sound in top form,” say Savio and Lione.

With the first chapter, “The Unrevealed Secret” (2017), of their musical story, Eternal Idol enjoyed a great response from fans and media alike thanks to the variety of the songs and the powerful co-lead male and female vocals. The recipe evolves to the next level on “Renaissance”.

“Now is time to take another step ahead,“ says Nick. “For these new songs, we put our heart, experience, and musical attitude all in here to achieve something special. With the new line-up brining a boosted chemistry to the proceedings, we feel confident fans will agree we’ve outdone ourselves here.”

Aggressive guitar riffs, orchestral arrangements, superb vocal melodies, and jaw-dropping instrumental parts are the order of the day here.

Coincidentally, the latest tragic events happening in the world today happen to be connected to the lyrical concept of the album. The message is a positive one and explores the concept of resurrection….from bad, difficult situations, humanity and nature survive and ultimately become stronger.

“We can’t wait to share our new creature with all of you,” conclude Savio and Lione.